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The HR Community I Know
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The HR community I know rejects divisiveness for its own sake, and is universally welcoming of anyone who is passionate about HR and wants to grow in the profession.

The HR community I know honors diversity and is warmly inclusive, making room for all people and for differing opinions and viewpoints about issues that are close to our hearts.

The HR community I know cares about me and wants me to be a better HR professional, so I can make a difference in the world, the best way I can, with what I have to give.

The HR community I know tells me the truth, with respect, even when they disagree with me, and listens to and acknowledges my deeply-held convictions, even when they’re not shared.

The HR community I know has brought me many genuine friendships, with people down the street and across the world, that enrich my life and my professional experience.

The HR community I know makes work better for people, listens to their pain, cares about them and wants to help them be the best they can be, and when there’s bad news, tells them the truth in a way that preserves their dignity.

The HR community I know is a genuine partner for business leaders, delivering real and substantial advice, strategy and thought partnership to contribute significantly to business and organizational success.

The HR community I know has a deep passion for HR and believes that there is a way for HR to make every organization more successful, whichever table we have a seat at. 

The HR community I know isn’t afraid of any historical shortcomings of HR, because we’re empowered to change things, one workplace at a time, so it gets better 5, 10 and 20 years from now.

The HR community I know doesn’t have room for self-righteous judgment-after all, perfection may be an ideal, but it’s not a human trait, and we all have room for improvement.

The HR community I know is a tight-knit, collaborative, caring and inspired bunch of people.

Whatever you call us, we’re right here waiting. If you want to create change, come join us.