This is Us, HR


I am so very lucky that in my travels and through my online relationships, I get to meet amazing HR and OD professionals. They inspire me and give me energy to embrace my work in a way that makes it so fulfilling and rewarding to me. I owe a debt of gratitude to all of them. I often say that HR is truly a community of generous networkers who care about their colleagues in a way that is free of the cutthroat, zero-sum-game environment that can sometimes poison a community of professionals. I’m not saying that the shadow of schadenfreude never darkens our door, or that we’re free of human emotions, which include irritation, disappointment and sadness. But we tend to use our words for good, by and large. We respond to each other when we think we can help, and we celebrate each other’s triumphs. I really like that about HR.

So, this is just a pale reminder of the message that Steve Browne delivers so passionately and eloquently, but it bears repeating and rippling throughout our profession: connect with each other. Meet in the middle of something and make a meaningful connection that lasts and turn an online interaction into a real-life friendship and professional relationship. Celebrate the great things our colleagues are doing and listen to and share the things they say on their blogs. We all make a richer environment for HR when we recognize the thinking and passion that goes on in our community. I see so much real dialogue among people who have different viewpoints and life stories. We honor it all in our profession, and the greatest gift we give each other is respectful but honest and direct communication and discourse. Seeing the human feelings, experiences and stories beneath the things we say is what we uniquely recognize as HR professionals.

I must say I am thankful. I’m grateful for the career I have today, and excited about the potential to come in the future in HR. There are a lot of things that will need to evolve and change, to be sure, but the people in our profession are capable of making it happen, and tenacious enough not to quit. We’re not complacent. This is us, HR. Let’s keep driving toward making something better, and supporting each other along the way.  

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