A Watershed Moment


What is a watershed moment? It’s that point in time when everything changes, and there’s no going back…a time people reference as the dividing point “before” and “after” it. A watershed moment feels exhilarating, terrifying and monumentally important all at the same time.

My watershed moment this week is that I am finalizing plans for Solve HR to move into its own physical space in Boulder apart from where I live. I have found a few wonderful, charming, creative and friendly places where I can situate my office and be part of thriving communities of people doing great work they love. Although I have looked at coworking spaces like Galvanize and the properties involved with the Boulder Coworking Alliance, and love the energy and spark they offer, I need an enclosed office in order to do my clients’ important work with dignity and privacy. For that reason, I’ve held off on using interim arrangements that are offered at lower cost, in favor of making absolutely sure that my company has strong legs and I am ready to take the leap and commit to commercial space. Today I’m ready to make that commitment, and I couldn’t be happier to be taking this important step.

As I started to look for space, I was surprised at how easy the process was. I shouldn’t be shocked that along with the traditional real-estate agent represented spaces, there are now convenient new tools for companies with space to come together with people like me who just need an office. Craigslist, as always, is a great resource for this kind of need, but I also discovered PivotDesk, which serves the same purpose but as a “one-stop” digital shopping platform for smaller co-working spots and office space. PivotDesk is a great example of how B2B marketing has changed-as business owners, we all want to have our research and shopping experience for our business services and products to be just as easy, convenient and transparent as our personal experiences.

I’ll keep you all posted on my new business address. I hope to have a decision made this week on the place where HR Coffee Breaks will be held going forward.

What’s going on with your business? Please share your thoughts, questions and comments with me here and on Twitter @KellyinBoulder.

Photo credit: mypubliclands via Foter.com / CC BY