5 Ways SHRM Membership Makes You Shine as an HR Pro

SHRMLogo®_4c_thumb Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) membership is an investment in you. I will say that as someone who put her money where her mouth is and wrote the check for the SHRM Annual Conference out of her own funds. I did a happy dance around my kitchen when I got the confirmation email.

Recently, I completed a survey giving feedback on what I think of my SHRM membership, and sharing my ideas on what I think could be improved. It got me thinking about how many HR professionals may not realize what serious benefits are there for the taking in their SHRM memberships. Others may not understand what a great investment in their careers SHRM membership can be.

There are many more than five ways SHRM membership makes you look like a complete rock star in HR. But here are the top ones that come to mind:

  1. Substantive HR resources galore: forms, how-to guides, toolkits and even academic courses on human resources topics are all there for the taking, whenever you want or need them. Use them to learn or enhance your skills and be that go-to HR resource at your company.
  2. Keeping up on HR compliance: SHRM makes sure you never fail to hear about that upcoming change in the salary level for the white-collar FLSA exemption, or the ACA reporting requirements, or any other compliance need. They’ve got you covered with email reminders chock-full of detailed article links, so you'll be ahead of the game with a strategy for responding.
  3. Webcasts on trending HR topics: participate in these free-for-members SHRM webcasts so you can be proactive about running your department, and know about what’s going on in HR before your senior leadership asks you about it.
  4. Build your portfolio of HR leadership experiences: I served as a volunteer case competition judge at a SHRM Case Competition and Career Summit this year, and it was so inspiring! I got the chance to share my expertise, support our future HR colleagues and give back the profession in a unique way.
  5. Network, network, network: your local SHRM chapter has events every month that give you the opportunity to meet other HR professionals just like you—they understand what challenges you face, and may have ideas for how to handle them. It’s fun, rewarding, and there are leadership opportunities there if you are interested. I highly recommend a local membership in addition to the SHRM national membership if you are interested in knowing what’s going on in your community.

Want to enhance your career, enjoy a virtual HR warehouse of information at your fingertips anytime you need it, have a blast and meet other HR pros? SHRM membership is for you. Join SHRM today!

My local SHRM chapter is BAHRA in Boulder, Colorado. Check them out too!

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