Friday Facts - Bring Your Dog to Work Edition

My Dog at Work - Kelly Marinelli
Welcome to the inaugural edition of Friday Facts, where I will look into a topic that peaks my interest, and share what I found. Today I’m curious about dogs at work, since so many companies, retail businesses and other places here in Boulder are universally dog-friendly. Here are the facts:
1.   Take Your Dog to Work Day is a thing. This year it takes place on Friday, June 24th. This event began in 1999, created by Pet Sitters International.
2.  A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey found that eight percent of American workplaces allowed their employees to bring pets to work with them. This increased from five percent in the 2013 survey. An older 2008 survey from the American Pet Products Manufacturers’ Association has that figure even higher, at 17% of workplaces being pet-friendly. 
3.  A study carried out by researchers at the Central Michigan University and described in this Entrepreneur article showed that a team working with a dog alongside them exhibited greater trust, intimacy and team bonding than a dogless team. 
4.  Not surprisingly, a study from the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, mentioned in this slide show from PetMD, found that we have lower stress levels when our animals are with us at work, as opposed to workers who left their pets at home or have no pets at all.
5.  Need some great practical tips on how to create a BYOD (dog, not device) policy for your workplace? This article from is a great resource. My favorite tip? Set up a “Rufferee Team” to handle any disputes or complaints.  
Those are the facts!  Enjoy your weekend!
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