Performance Ratings Disappear

Photo by Kelly Marinelli
The latest trend in performance management seems to be to dispense with performance ratings, which I wholeheartedly support!  What a silly, time-wasting process, looking back at the end of the year at goals we set over 12 months ago that may not even be relevant anymore, spending hours on documenting things we've already done and receiving a number from our managers, and wondering why we got glowing reviews all year long, just to receive a middling review, or worse, to hear about improvements we need to make for the first time at the year-end review.  Yuck!
So...if we don't have ratings, then how will the powers that be decide how much money all of us will get at bonus time?  Oh no!
Maybe instead of checking in once per year at the end, to rehash stale projects that have lost their pizzazz, managers could meet up with their team members on a regular basis and actually capture all of that good stuff we are all producing on an ongoing basis throughout the year.
But if the numbers go away, we will need to be careful in communicating performance results (not ratings) so that employees don't just feel that now they've lost the only anchor they ever had in a tumultuous process.
Managers, take heed!  Be confident in the process that you have engaged in throughout the year.  Develop relationships with your team members so they trust you and know where they stand all the time, not just when end of year rolls around.

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